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If Telecoms vendors are to be judged in history and pedigree, then Unify’s credentials are hard to beat.

Unify can claim a Telecoms heritage which stretches back to the age of the telegraph in the 1840s, and boasts an impressive global reach with a presence in 100 countries.

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If Unify’s CV is impressive, so is that of Openscape. Unify are widely regarded as a pioneering brand in the emergence of Unified Communications (UC). Launched in 2003, Openscape helped to set the precedent for integrated multimedia and multi-modal communication channels beyond telephony, the use of SIP and service-oriented architecture (SOA) and convergence with mainframe IT systems through software.

OpenScape Business is the sub-brand focused on the SME market. Available as an on premises hardware solution, or as software which can be run in the datacentre or in a virtual environment, OpenScape Business is focused on delivering a broad range of communications and collaboration options from a single platform.

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Openstage 15T / Lava Openstage 15T Ice Blue

Graphical display, 2 lines monochrome
3 fixed function keys with red LED’s
8 freely programmable keys with red LEDs (up-gradable with Key Module)
Key labelling with paper strips
Control keys +/-
3 navigation keys
Hands free talking (full duplex)

Openstage 30T Lava

Graphic Display, 2 Lines Monochrome
Buttons / LEDs:
8 fixed function keys (six red LEDs)
8 programmable keys with LEDs
 + / – Volume control
 3 keys to navigation
Headset jack for corded and cordless headsets
USB Slave
A key module (Keymodule, BLF or Phone Adapter)
UP0E System Interface
Wall mountable
Full duplex speakerphone  

Openstage 40t Lava

5-way navigation key | 6 free programmable sensor keys | 7 fixed function keys
Volume keys
Keypad with 12 keys
Adjustable LCD backlit graphic display
12 red LEDs for key signalling
Wall mountable
Full-Duplex loudspeaker
Computer Telephony Integration (CTi) Support
Integrated headset jack
USB Port
OpenStage Key Module 40
OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40 (at HiPath 3000)

Openstage IP35G

Tilt-adjustable in 4 different angle positions
LAN switch / 100bT Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet
Full duplex speaker phone plus headset jack
Fixed function keys 10 (6 with red LEDs)
Freely programmable keys (illuminated) 3 keys with red LEDs
Dedicated keys for the most commonly used features including “Conference”, “Transfer” and “Hold”
Multi-line phone / Keyset
Wall mountable
Monochrome, graphic display 2 lines
Open listening / handsfree
+ / – Volume control
Wideband headset support (wired, DECT)
Call log, phonebook

Openstage IP55G

Color backlit TFT display
4 context-sensitive soft keys
8 Freely programmable keys with red leds
14 Fixed function keys (9 with red leds) for special applications (e.g. phone book, call log, voice mail)
Keys with pictograms (icons) instead of text
+ / – Volume control
4-way navigator with “OK”
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch
Optical call alert
Full duplex handsfree talking
SIP standard (e.g., IETF RFC 3261)
LDAP client, personal contacts list, call log, XML-based application support
Headset jack
USB master port
Option port for OpenScape Key Module 55
Built-in, adjustable stand

Openstage CP400/CP600

Tilt able graphical display, monochrome
LED backlight (white)
Notification LED, Signaling LED (red/green/orange)
4 context sensitive soft keys with LED
2 fixed feature keys (Menu/Out-of-office)
16 free programmable feature keys with LED
4-way navigator, plus OK-key
3 audio keys (Mute/Speaker/Headset) with LED
+ / – Volume control
Open listening / Handsfree talking (Full-duplex)
Headset port (DHSG/EHS)
Key Module KM400 optional
Pedestal, two different set-up angles

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Gigaset 6

Integrated answer machine – 60 minutes of storage
Expandable to up to 6 handsets
20-entry call log of last dialled/missed numbers
Caller ID
Phonebook transfer via DECT
200 Directory entries
VIP personalised entries
Headset port
Side key for easy volume control
1.8″ TFT Colour display
Talk-time/standby time: 14/300 hours
Range (indoors/outdoors): 50/300m
HSP™ sound quality
Call recording
Sound profiles to adjust to your surroundings
Plug-and-play installation
Charge and range status display
Colour graphical display
Internal transfer of external calls
Message indicator key
SMS function
20 ringer melodies and 7 polyphonic melodies

Openscape S5 Dect

Navigation area
Combined accept call/hands-free key
Message waiting key
5-way navigation key
Keypad lock on/off
Programmable display key
Combined microphone transmit volume/mute key
2-way rocker switch on the side for simple volume adjustment during a call
TFT Graphic Display
26 display languages
Up to 500 entries for all directories
Speed dial
Distinction between internal and external calls
VIP signalling for internal and external calls Ring tones and melodies
Ring Tones and Melodies
5 standard ring tones
21 polyphonic melodies Headset connection
Headset Connection
PC Interface
Mini USB PC application
PC Application
Phone book synchronization
Encrypted voice transmission
Handset lock with 4-digit PIN

OpenScape SL5 dect

Up to 12 Hours Talk time
Up to 250 Hours Standby Time
Full-Duplex Hands-Free Talking
Mobile Handset Lockout with 4-Digit PIN
Telephone Directory: Up to 500 Entries and Names for all Directories
Vibration Alarm
2.4” Illuminated Graphical 65 k Colour Display
Illuminated Keypad
Media Pool: Mono/Polyphone Ringtones and Images for Screensaver
HPS (HiPath Positioning System) for Locating Mobile Users
Bluetooth™, Wired Headset & PC Connectivity
Telephone Directory Administration via PC
27 Display Languages
Brilliant High Resolution TFT Display
Encrypted Voice Transmission Regarding DECT Standard
Secure System Logon
Multi-DECT System Capability Option for Parallel Registration of the Handset at up to Four DECT System
Combined Accept Call/Hands-Free Key
MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) Key
5-way Navigation Key
Talk Key Functions: When Pressed Briefly: Redial List, When Held Down: Dial State
Two Free Programmable Display-Key
Combined Profile-/Microphone Send Volume-/Microphone Mute Key

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